EMS Consolidation

As many of you may know, NEAEMS has been serving the local community with Emergency medical ambulance services since 1969. What you may not know is that in 2017 our organization joined forces with Thomasville EMS. This consolidation has allowed for resource sharing, reduction in costs due to redundancies, increased staffing, Advanced Life Support opportunities, and in general a larger and stronger EMS organization. With this consolidation NO resources have been moved out of the area, and the same level of service provided before the consolidation remains. 

Northeastern Area EMS provides high quality pre-hospital patient care services to communities in the East Manchester Twp, Conewago Twp, Manchester Boro, Mount Wolf Boro, Jackson Township, Paradise Township, and it's surronding mutal aid areas through the delivery of compassionate, courteous and professional treatment of those placed in our care.

Calls by Year


2017 - 835


2016 - 991

​2015 - 1198

Our Misson


2015 - 1042


2016 - 1226